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    Hunan Vegetable Research Institute specializes in selective breeding, cultivation technique research and its achievement transformation of new vegetable varieties, and studying and solving vegetable producing issues of general sense in South China, with focus on the study of the seed resources, selective breeding of new varieties as well as corresponding cultivation techniques of pepper, eggplant, pumpkin, luffa, balsam pear, wax gourd, cucumber, red choy sum and white choy sum. There are 135 employees in total in our institute, including 90 on-job workers, and 45 developers working on scientific research and popularization, among them are 36 researchers and associate researchers, 8 doctors and 21 masters.

    Currently, there are 5 platforms, including National Technique Research and Popularization Center for New Pepper Varieties, Central China Vegetable Scientific Observation Experimental Station of Horticulture and Seed Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture, Hunan Engineering Technology and Research Center for Vegetable, Vegetable Seed Resources Innovation on Solanaceous Fruits, and Changsha Engineering Technology and Research Center for Vegetable. And there are 3 national research teams, including agricultural scientific research talents and innovation team, pepper breeding and resources innovation team, seed and application innovation team of gourd vegetables. Meanwhile, we have one national bulk vegetable industry technique system breeding expert and one experiment station, one expert each for Hunan vegetable industry technique system breeding and cultivation. In 2004 and 2015, we have co-founded the academic degree awarding units for doctors and masters with Central South University and Hunan University.

      Over the past two decades, we has achieved more than 100 scientific results and acquired 16 patents, among them are 4 national second prizes for progress in science and technology, 1 first prize and 9 second prizes for progress in science and technology of Ministry of Agriculture, and 120 vegetable varieties which have won provincial approval, and all with the institute as the first complete unit.

      Since the 7th Five-Year Plan, we have been the undertaking unit for National Science & Technology Pillar Program. Our 9th Five-Year Plan Pepper Project, 10th Five-Year Plan Pepper Project, and 11th Five-Year Plan Pepper Project have been listed as National Key Technologies R & D Program and National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program)。 During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, we undertook over 10 projects, including the National Science & Technology Pillar Program, National Key Technologies R & D Program and National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program), National Agricultural Science & Technology Program, National Agricultural Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Program, and Hunan Key Program, with annual funds in place of 6-7 million Yuan.After 20 years of development, Hunan Vegetable Research Institute has established the Heterosis Key Lab of Ministry of Agriculture, and owns complete experimental facilities and books ans reference materials. Located in the Innovation Building of Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the institute was founded by the innovation team from Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, with over 940㎡ of labs including 90㎡ physiology and biochemistry lab, 124.8㎡ molecular biology lab, 50㎡ microscopic observation room, 124.8㎡ tissue cultivation room, and drug storage and working offices, over 5.6 million Yuan of facilities including 11 pieces each worth over 100 thousand Yuan, PCR instruments, gel imaging analysis system, ice machine, 2 sets of ultra-pure water purifier, DNA batch micropipette grinder, DNA sequencer, liquid chromatograph, and climate chamber, and 8600㎡ of plastic greenhouse including 5 multi-span greenhouses of 4000㎡, 23 plastic greenhouses of 4600㎡。 Besides, our experimental base covers 94000㎡, including 40667㎡ inside the academy and 53333㎡ outside.

      Hunan Xingshu Seed Co., Ltd., with registered capital of 5 million and the registered trademark of “Xingshu”, is a achievement transformation platform owned by Hunan Vegetable Research Institute. Currently, there are 3 developed pepper product series, including Fuxiang pickled peppers, Xingshu hot peppers, and Bola line peppers. All hybrid seeds sold is amount to 20000kg per year with sales revenue over 18 million Yuan. The Xingshu brand has gained some popularity within the vegetable seed industry. After near 11 years of development, we have established sales network and demonstration bases at main vegetable producing bases throughout China, and trained technology-extension workers popularizing new varieties and techniques as well as demonstration households. Achievements extended on these networks can be popular with vegetable producing bases soon.